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Saturday August 15, 2020
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westcoast guy | posted 07-12-2006 | Number of Votes: 119  |  Current Rating: 4.52   

I was hired as the "VP-Business Development" for a small software firm doing about $.75M annually in revenue. Primary objective was to find $5M investment for the firm to expand. The firm is owned by double Phd husband & wife team, both over 60. After a few months I found an investor, went through 6 weeks of intense meetings & laid out the deal where they would get 40% of the company plus a reasonable percentage of the profits in return for their money. The married owners agreed to all this.

The investor finally asked when he was to meet the owners & sign the deal. I prepared the owners, went over the terms, outlined how to deal with the emotional issues of selling off 40% but that they retained control, etc. I thought I had it covered.

7 minutes into the meeting, the wife screamed that the investor was a "blood sucking b$%#@#$, taking money out of her hand for nothing." She stormed out, taking her husband with her.

The investor looked at me & said, "Want a job?"

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