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Saturday December 7, 2019
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FalconDave | posted 08-03-2006 | Number of Votes: 62  |  Current Rating: 4.51   

Our client was traveling in Europe and HAD to see the comp of an eight-page brochure. He said he had no computer access, so instead of getting pdfs emailed to him he wanted us to send the pdfs to his assistant, who would print them out and fax them to him. He wouldn't give us the fax number to do it ourselves. Well, somehow between them the pages wound up in the wrong order, and he called us to a meeting the day he returned to the U.S. to tell us how disappointed he was in the brochure, because it didn't flow well or make sense. I looked at the folding dummy he had made with the faxes and realized they were all out of order. Didn't matter; he fired us anyway.

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