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Wednesday September 23, 2020
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thom | posted 08-03-2006 | Number of Votes: 85  |  Current Rating: 4.64   

I work as a graphic designer for a community newspaper. We're a small outfit, no sales manager, advertising director, etc; so much of the responsibility for handling "house ads" falls on our small team of graphic designers.

One of our more frequent house ads is a real-estate company. Weekly they send us by email descriptions of the properties as a Word attachment. Pictures follow as printed material for scanning (they own digital cameras but getting them to move away from the photo lab and understand that digital means a dandy little jpeg that could be email to me is a hopeless endeavor.) Anyway; One week, I'm approaching deadline and still haven't received their email. I call and with my best attempt to ignore the looming press deadline ask them where their email is.
Customer X responds: I already sent it
Me: Oh, well perhaps there was a screw up on our end could you resend (I already know our email server is working just allowing for X to have forgotten)
30 mins allapse, still no email. I call back
Me (deadline sweat now pouring): Um yeah, still haven't got that email.
X: Really I sent that 20 mins ago
Me: Oh, well perhaps you could check that your sending to the right address
X grows indignant, as if X's work is beyond reproach
X: I sent it to the address as always!
Me: Ok, well perhaps you could just verify with me it is the same address
X: Um... its [my name]
Me: Ok thats the name you saved it under. I need the email address
X responds with my name again
Through previous experience I know X is completely lost. Thankfully their close by so I go over to offer my assistance. Sorting through X's contacts I discover her "problem." As just about anyone in the world, my name is not unique and sure enough she has numerous contacts that share my name, one of whom has a last name that places it before mine in the alphabetical sort her email program does as she begins to type a contact. This is who she is sending the emails to. I notify X of X's error, send it to the correct address and go on my merry way.

The fun part is every week since then X's first email always goes out to the wrong address. I have down to a routine now where I call X at the start of the week and remind X that there is more than one person in the world that shares my name and X can't just take the first one that pops up in the program. Amazingly, X seems equally amazed as the first time I pointed it out and still doesn't know what an email address is.

One last thing. X also designed and maintains their company website. Just imagine how ugly that thing is.

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