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Saturday July 20, 2019
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kit | posted 09-09-2006 | Number of Votes: 57  |  Current Rating: 4.12   

Just happened a half hour ago. A friend of my brother's brought over his computer tower crying that he was trying to fix it and it wouldn't work. I asked him if he knew what TIME it was? (it was about 2:30 am).

Seems the pretty blue lights he has on the side of his case weren't working, and the computer wasn't recognizing his hard drive either. Sigh... Ok fine...

I open it up. Ok... the pretty blue lights are plugged into... umm... the hard drive? Wouldn't it be such a good idea to just plug them both into the power supply instead?

So I do the switch. Everything works fine. Pretty blue lights light up, hard drive spins and computer comes to life. All is well.

Brother's friend has sheepishly packed up his tower and gone home. I'm going to bed... but... hey.. what on earth was he trying to do to begin with? I don't want to know...

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