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Sunday February 16, 2020
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Viper | posted 11-16-2006 | Number of Votes: 30  |  Current Rating: 2.77   

Cut and pasted from an actual e-mail...
This email should be considered a very preliminary RFP that will get the dialogue going.

Initial requirements:

One or more brochures focused on stimulating awareness, visibility, and interest in the Society with a view to stimulating revenue, whether from membership or fundraising

A piece that, I believe, could fit into a No. 10 envelope, looks businesslike, yet friendly and inviting, but that could be inexpensively reproduced on our color laser printer or sent to an outside printer (I am not envisioning a slick and glossy piece however)

Something that could be revised and updated in-house, so Word would be ideal

I will show you the various flyers that the trade association has produced that are simple, yet businesslike, easily done in Word, yet converted to film for longer runs; they set the standard for me, but please help set expectations...

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