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Sunday July 5, 2020
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project manager | posted 01-04-2007 | Number of Votes: 54  |  Current Rating: 4.56   

While working with a marketing and graphic design company, I used to take client orders and re-orders for stationery. One day a client who hadn't re-ordered in over three years called to update their stationery with a new address and print the updated version. At the time that the client originally had his design done, our firm would not confer copyrights to clients; for the low rates that we had been charging, clients had to come to us exclusively for edits and reprints. In later years, when this client called for the reprint, however, we relaxed this policy. In fact, we would even release old files to unprofitable clients and encourage them to go elsewhere.

We keep all of our old client files backed-up, so I had a junior designer pull up the most recent version of the files (verified by our billing records), make the needed updates, and email PDFs to the client.

The client then called me several times to say that the files we were sending him didn't look right, could we move this here, shorten that, change the font, etc? I walked him through adjusting his printer settings, but still the calls persisted.

Eventually, I went to his office to straighten things out. I asked for samples of his stationery items and compared them against my samples. The files had been updated by another designer - fonts, margins, everything had been changed ever so slightly. I explained, calmly, that his stationery had been updated and printed by someone else as it didn't match our most recent files. I let him know that this wasn't a problem, per se, but I needed to get the most recent files from whoever the designer had been. I further explained that this would be the most inexpensive and accurate way to update and reprint his stationery so that it would look like the version he was currently using.

Client looked me straight in the eye and denied that anyone but my company had ever printed his stationery. Then I'm not sure how he'd been getting by on the 200 sheets of letterhead he ordered three years ago. I'm also not sure who in our office redesigned his stationery as an unbillable project.

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