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Sunday July 5, 2020
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Jack | posted 01-11-2007 | Number of Votes: 95  |  Current Rating: 4.51   

I work at a summer camp, and because of problems such as divorced parents trying to take children they don't have custody of we have to check the IDs of everybody who wants to take a child home, and we will only send a child home if the person who has the ID is listed in our records as able to take the child home. Usually they list themselves and then a couple friends or relatives. Whatever the case, no ID, no kid. We'll even send a person home if he or she has forgotten their ID. They should know to bring it, we put it on nearly every form that you must have an ID or we won't let you take the child home. If they read all the stuff they needed to read, they know, and most of the parents and guardians are OK with this.

I get called over by another staff member to talk to somebody who was giving people trouble. This woman was claiming that she is supposed to be taking home her own daughter and another person's daughter. She says her name, and yes, it's the only name on both the forms, but she doesn't have an ID. I tell her that I need an ID or she can't take either of the kids home. She says she forgot it. I tell her that she needs to get an ID, and that if she doesn't have a driver's license or other photo ID I'll accept a credit card or something like that. She points frantically at the kids, yelling at me saying that she has the perfect right to take them, and I say that I can't let her without an ID yet again. She takes out a written note by the mother of the other child saying that she has permission to take the child. Not only was this unnecessary because she was on the paperwork, but it was not an ID. I told her that it wasn't an ID, she cut me off. She pauses and asks if I'll accept her husbands. I couldn't, because he was not on the paperwork. She rolls her eyes and starts spinning, annoyed with me. I guess she wanted the other parents to think I was messing around with her, although most of them thought she was being an idiot.

Finally, after a while of back-and-forthing with this woman who didn't read the paperwork, she stomps over to her car, gets an ID, and brings it over. All of that argument, and all she needed to do was walk across a lawn to her car? As I was filling out the final paperwork I explained to her the reason that we check IDs, but she just sneered at me and took the kids without saying another word. She left me irritated the rest of the day, I've never had a parent who made that many problems.

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