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Wednesday February 20, 2019
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Mactonex | posted 03-01-2007 | Number of Votes: 85  |  Current Rating: 4.59   

So a new colleague of mine is telling me about her former boss in the printshop
where she worked. This guy has been running the place on pirated copies of Quark
passport for four years and she has been nagging him to go legit, as no-one else
runs it and they can't send Quark jobs out anywhere.

Eventually the nagging gets too much for him and he says ok, he'll ring Quark and
sort it out.

The conversation goes like this:

IdiotBoss: Hi, I need to get a copy of Quark for my printshop.
Quark: Ok, how many designers do you have there
IdiotBoss: Three
Quark: OK, you'll need three licences...
IdiotBoss: No, no - that's not how the pirate copy works!

New colleague slams phone down.

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