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Monday October 22, 2018
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retoohs | posted 03-19-2007 | Number of Votes: 56  |  Current Rating: 4.50   

I was working on a site for a client, actually was my personal trainer. I gave him a good deal, but still had him sign a contract. After the first week he wasn't happy with some of the items even though they were exactly what he asked for and what I told him I would do. So he points out he wants an autosender like "" I explain that they use one from a marketer and I'm not going to duplicate exactly as I have no rights to their program(they also charge per month to use it) So he cancels the contract. He then asks for some sort of refund. I then explained that according to the contract his deposit goes towards work completed to date. His deposit was used up due to how many hours had been worked on. I had also reduced my rate by nearly half.

Client: You have not finisehd the site so I'm entitled to some refund back.

Me: As it states in section 18, you are liable for hours worked to date and if less than hours worked you get the difference. You've exausted your deposit. Actually you owe more than the deposit covered, but I'll let the rest slide.

Client: I dont' agree with that. But I believe you that it says that.

Me: I'm trying to keep this professional and follow what we've discussed as well as what the contract states.

Client: I dont' feel this is at all professional. So, Contract aside I feel I should get a refund.

WTF?!?! Not professional? He signed a contract and he doesn't want to honor it now. Who's being un-professional.

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