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Saturday December 5, 2020
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CanadianMan | posted 04-13-2007 | Number of Votes: 91  |  Current Rating: 4.54   

After making an application live for a select number of employees I get an email from one saying that he is experiencing some bugs (mind you he is the only one). I personally go to his workspace and sit with him and see if we can recreate any of these "bugs". After a hour or two we come to the conclusion that everything has "magically" started to work correctly. I tell him that if anything like this happens again to please take a screen shot and email me. He then asks how to do that. After taking a few minutes to write down the steps and show him how, we end up with an email window containing a screen shot of my application addressed to me. I then politely ask him to close out of the email because there was no need to send it. He then starts clicking the screen shot of my application wondering why it's frozen/unresponsive. I tell him that it's just a picture it's not really the program and to please close out of the email. He then proceeds to click on the close button of my application in the screen shot. . . . .

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