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Saturday December 5, 2020
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aikigal | posted 04-16-2007 | Number of Votes: 79  |  Current Rating: 4.63   

Working in tech-support easily cuts your life span in half. And some are ever so determined to get the other half snubbed out as well. This case is one people supporting database-reliant softwares would absolutely understand. Their setup is done on a server-client basis.

With this particular client everything is going well until one day.....

Client: I need help. We've got a big problem!
Me: What problem?
Client: My software's not working at all! None of my users can use it!.
Me: Any error messages?
Client: Yes. (proceeds to tell me the error message) Could it be that we migrated the contents to a brand new server over the weekend?
Me: WHAT!?!? Why didn't anyone check with us first?
Client: Well, i was informed by e-mail.
Me: !?!? Could have forwarded it to me? Right? So who's the (smart-ass) person who authorised this?
Client: It's 'abcde' (Who is neither the IT administrator nor a user of the software nor IT trained) ? So what do I do now?
Me: I'd like to speak to her.
ABCDE: Yes, so we did a migration of of data. All you need to do is map the drive right?
Me: It's not that simple i need to do an installation of the database program and re-configure several settings and re-establish all your datasource connections. Why did no one ask? Why is there a need for migration?
ABCDE: Cos the server is old. It's better to change a new one.
Me: Migration of servers is a big issue. You would first need to ensure the new server's specs meet the min requirements of the software. This is something that has to be planned. Your IT administrator should have asked?
ABCDE: My IT admin is on vacation. This one who did it is an outsourced one! How would he know?! And as layman people we wouldn't know either rite!? Why are you be pointing fingers all over the place for! Just Fix it! You are so domineering!!! Just Fix it. Jus do as you are paid to and stop asking questions and pointing fingers!!

Great, here's a real winner who admits to being a layman but doesn't have the cow sense to ask for advise on something she has absolutely no idea about, and at the end of it all, has the cheek to yell at me when she has screwed things up.

Sigh... watever ...

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