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Thursday May 28, 2020
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beachy | posted 04-27-2007 | Number of Votes: 79  |  Current Rating: 4.66   

After hearing second hand that a lady whose computer I worked on was disatisfied, I called her to see what the issue was.

me: Ms. Smith I heard you were unhappy with what I had done with your computer and I was wondering what the problem was and if I might be able to rectify whatever it is that isn't working properly.

client: ebay is gone!!

me: um, maam what do you mean gone?

client: My computer doesn't have ebay anymore.

me: I'll be right over. (This woman had told the entire county how I had screwed up her PC by this time)

At her house 20 minutes later...

me: I can fix this but I'm going to have to charge you for this because it's not my mistake that caused ebay to leave your computer; You can stand right here and watch me if you like.

client: OK, just get ebay back

me: I open IE type in the address bar it pops up and I say that will be 50 dollars please.

client: she was so emnarrassed she paid me.

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