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Wednesday May 22, 2019
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Stupid Client Quote #5290

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beachy | posted 05-11-2007 | Number of Votes: 71  |  Current Rating: 4.64   

client: that cordless mouse you sold me is broken.

me: ok, no problem, i'll comeover and double check for you and if it's defective, I'll be more than happy to replace it with a new one or refund your money, but if this isn't a problem with the mouse I am going to have to bill you for a service call-$40.

client: Young man, I know how to use a mouse and I'm sure that this it is defective, the IR is plugged into the USB port and I just replaced the batteries so I'm sure it is defective and I would appreciate it if you would just refund my money.

me: OK, I'll be right over to rectify this for you.

Upon arriving at her house, I check it out and sure enough the mouse is not moving the cursor. I open the battery case on the bottom of the mouse flip the batteries around, put the cover back on-VOILA cursor moves.

me: That will be $40 dollars, please.

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