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Wednesday November 14, 2018
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AndyK | posted 08-20-2007 | Number of Votes: 73  |  Current Rating: 4.70   

At one of the manufacturing jobs I worked at I was a PC Technician, network admin and printer tech. In other words, jack of all trades. One day another tech and I had to work late on a top-priority project that had to be finished before we left.

To get to the last piece of equipment we had to reset, we went into the main computer room. To do that required going through a combination locked door and only a handful of people had the combination to it (everybody else knocked and waited for someone inside to open the door). As a result, people inside the computer room tended to eat and relax when nobody else was there because the combo lock keep out the uninvited.

The tech and I were in a hurry so I quickly put in the combination and opened the door. I expected a small bit of chit-chat with the staff while I fixed the problem. Instead I walk in to find an employee looking at an obvious porn movie while eating his meal. He must have seen me out of the corner of his eye because he quickly reached down on the floor and flipped the surge protector OFF. He then mumbled, "I need to reboot this system every so often".

Reboot, indeed!

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