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Friday May 24, 2019
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FeeFee | posted 08-24-2007 | Number of Votes: 100  |  Current Rating: 4.46   

I work for , now what many of my clients refer to as a, " Big, Faceless, Uncaring, corporation", now that is has merged with a national ISP. Be it as it may, this may be totally true, but there are a couple of good things they do from time to time. I am one of the DSL technical support agents for this company. So, one day, I received a call from a particularly unsettled customer, which most of them are, about having slow speeds. So I go through the protocol of questions, to rule out certain interferences that may contribute to her getting slow speeds. Once we rule all of them out, she then asks me, what speed is she paying for. I tell her, Ma'am, your speed is a guaranteed 768x128kbps. She said, no it's not and I say, well ma'am, this is what my system tells me. Again she screams at me, that is not the speed I'm paying for!! I say ma'am let me check again. Now, sometimes customers are so consistent with their tirades, I second guess my self, because I feel as though anything can happen. So after checking through several other databases that are provided, even calling our consumer billing department, I tell her, that in fact, that is the speed she is paying for. She continues disagreeing with me over and over, so being curious, I ask her, what do you think you are paying for? She says, I sure ain't paying for 768x128, because that is the resolution of my screen!!!!!! I said, ma'am, I believe you are mistaken, she tells me with such oomph and undisputed intelligence, that in fact, this is the resolution of her screen and it has nothing to do with her speed!!! ( If you take a look at the properties on your desktop, go to the settings tabs, you will in fact see that a resolution can be 1024 by 768 pixels, PIXELS!!!!!) She also screams at me, because her bill is now lower, specifically, half as low than the original bill! So I take a look and in fact she is correct. She is correct because, this company recently lowered everyone's bill that started receiving that guaranteed speed because they were offering that to new and coming clients, and felt it unfair that the old customers were paying for the same speed but at double the price. I explained this to her and told her what a good deal this was. She said it was not, she wanted to pay her price for the original bill, because she believed it made her speed faster!!!!! Finally trying to explain this to her in the smallest words and as slowly as possible,she said, alright...I'll pay this lower bill for the time being, but i still don't understand why you lowered my bill and if my speed doesn't get better, I want you to put me back on my original bill. The bill in which her price was twice as high for the same (resolution) speed that she was getting now. I bid her a good evening,hung up and a single tear ran down my face.

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