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Monday November 11, 2019
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GB | posted 08-24-2007 | Number of Votes: 46  |  Current Rating: 4.69   

So I was calling a client about his advertising design. He had a quarter page of an A5 programme for a sporting event. For copy he's sent in two typed A4 pages about his company's products and history. I explain that this is a) too long and b) unsuitable as ad copy. He asks what size the ad is. I tell him the dimensions: so many milimetres by so many milimetres. He says, OK, so what size is that? So I say again, so many milimetres by so many milimetres. He's getting annoyed with me now, tells me he can't deal with this shit and I have to draw a box of the appropriate size and fax it to him, which I do... Later he calls me because the fax paper got chewed up and he can't see the actual size and asks me to send it again. He never came up with any copy in the end anyway, so I wrote it myself.

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