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Wednesday October 24, 2018
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Stupid Client Quote #5597

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watcher_skys | posted 08-30-2007 | Number of Votes: 104  |  Current Rating: 4.61   

client comes in with a serif font for a commercial. I tell him it is too thin for video and that , generally serif fonts dont look good on TV. He looks at me a bit confused and says something about how he would never put anything in his spot that was Islamic, screw the Arabs, etc. When he sees that I have no idea what he is ranting about he clarifies buy saying "you know, Omar sharif?, Why do you think I would bring you something like that?" I say "we are talking about a font style here, not sure what your talking about exaclty?" He gets up mumbling something about F**ing Arabs and yells "just make sure its American" and walks out the door.

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