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Saturday January 19, 2019
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whyme? | posted 10-13-2007 | Number of Votes: 72  |  Current Rating: 4.68   

For a newspaper ad I was given several employee shots taken by our sales rep. The photo boxes and the heads all had to be the same size. The ad was built to spec but one of the mug shots was a bit off center because the photo had been taken way off center and I didn't want a white band down the one side. The background was the company store and too complicated to be "extended" with the time we have have in this part of the industry.

The sales rep came back with instructions to make the box shorter on one side, but keep it the same size. Thinking i was just not understanding her, i printed out a couple of options - the head bigger, the box smaller, a bar down the side, ext. for her to choose from. She then patiently explained that she wanted the box to be the exact same dimensions that it was now, just a little bit smaller on just the one side.

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