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Tuesday August 11, 2020
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Hollerith | posted 01-26-2008 | Number of Votes: 37  |  Current Rating: 3.83   

Client with good but not expensive new CMS-based website. They have created a 'bug list' and put things in like 'this page does not work' or 'something wrong'. I check. Mostly they are cut-and-pasting Word content into a CMS system, although my guidelines say 'paste first into Notepad, then into CMS'. I used to clean up the code for them, but I now refuse to, because each page takes three hours or so, and deleting all and re-pasting from Notepad. They wonder why I am refusing to 'honour the contract'. I am the designer on the team. The design was finished two years ago. Site not up because, despite numerous training sessions and a bespoke manual, they can't be bothered learning.
I begged them to hire a web manager who could do it all, and not buy a CMS, because people tend not to like using them and, in fact, don't want to be web admins. But no, they knew best...

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