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Monday January 27, 2020
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NightDaemon | posted 01-30-2008 | Number of Votes: 229  |  Current Rating: 4.39   

So, a High School story for you all.

So, I'm sitting in the library (the only place with computers available out of class time) helping a younger student with some web design work (he was in year 7, so not exactly high level stuff). Unfortunately, all the school had was Frontpage, so we were using that.

Then, a teacher wanders along, and starts yelling at me for accessing email on the school network (very much against school policy), and tries to throw me out of the library, get me banned from the network, you name it.

I should say at this point that said teacher was one of the main IT teachers at the school.

After a few minutes of yelling, I managed to work out what she was talking about. She'd seen the word Hotmail on my screen, and decided to take decisive action.

Remember, this is an IT teacher.

I kept working on it, and managed to find out where it said hotmail, though it was abbreviated.

HTML means Hotmail, right?

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