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Sunday May 27, 2018
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nigenet | posted 02-11-2008 | Number of Votes: 92  |  Current Rating: 4.09   

I was doing some temporary work in a Government Dept that will remain nameless... Department-wide they had something in the region of 80,000 employees and so their internal mail servers were often quite busy. One day an email arrived in my inbox that had been sent to everyone from someone in the IT department. The email was about how "they understood that little images and smiley faces, cartoons etc can make otherwise dull office emails seem a little more friendly, but they do add some 'weight' to the emails, which can put some strain on the Department's email servers, so please follow these guidelines when sending out global emails"...

... the guidelines - sent to every one of the tens of thousands of us - were about 10 lines of bullet points... sent as an attached Word document that weighed about 20k!

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