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Wednesday March 20, 2019
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AndyK | posted 02-18-2008 | Number of Votes: 72  |  Current Rating: 4.27   

I once worked as a Network Administrator and quickly found that many of the 'rules' we imposed on users had at least some semblence of logic behind them. One of the most common was requests for changing the user's login name. Since it was made up of the first initial + last name, we only changed it in case people changed their legal name (which happened when female users got married ... one of whom was married at least FOUR TIMES within a two year period!).

The user name showed up on almost all activities the user did, such as printing and sending messages to users. One dear lady turned in a request for a name change because she had gotten married. It took only a few minutes to make the change so I got it done that afternoon prior to heading home. But a few days later I saw another request asking that her name be changed back to her old name.

Since she was a very level headed person, I stopped by to see her and ask why she wanted to reverse the name change (knowing all the while it would likely be shot down by my boss). Upon asking her for the reasoning behind her request, she looked fairly embarrassed, looked around to see if anybody was listening and confessed: "my new user name is a dirty word!"

And so it was ... and I quickly persuaded my boss to make an exception, just this once. ;^)

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