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Wednesday August 15, 2018
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dlm2987 | posted 02-19-2008 | Number of Votes: 96  |  Current Rating: 4.59   

This did not happen to me, but a co-worker. I work at a sign business that also does design work. We had a client place a small, cheap, simple order, but required a proof. We sent him several proofs, but the client kept declining them and declining them and either could not or would not tell us why it wasnt right.

Before I go any further, the order was a clear static cling sticker. CLEAR. Keep that in mind.

My co-worker calls him after several declined proofs since he couldnt get an answer from him over email. Apparently, the guy would not approve because whenever he printed the proof out on paper at home, it didnt come out clear with his logo, it came out white with his logo on it. My co-worker tried to explain that he was printing on white paper, it isnt going to come out clear. He did not understand this concept, so we had to make one and have him come in and look at it. Of course "It was PERFECT!"

Some people make me so sad.

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