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Wednesday August 15, 2018
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why? | posted 02-20-2008 | Number of Votes: 45  |  Current Rating: 3.19   

This is a direct quotation from a client:

'Please can you reconsider how the first paragraph is written. I think we
are in danger of trying to compartmentalise what is important to
individuals within businesses and I don't think this is true in

Really? The receptionist gives a shit about the life cycle cost of the warehousing
equipment? The forklift truck driver can't sleep at night because the cost-benefit
analysis he carried out shows the company isn't getting the best ROI?

Those at the bottom of the food chain are concerned with how close clocking off
time is, how many days holiday they've got left, and how much (if any) pay rise
they will get this year.

The middle management is concerned with covering their own arses while rimming
those of the people above them. Company cars and saying 'utilize' (American
spelling) instead of 'use' also keep them occupied.

The top feeders are concerned with making money for the company because they
will make more money that way. What's happening lower down the food chain is
only of concern when money isn't being made.

The business where what is important to people isn't compartmentalized doesn't

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