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Monday March 18, 2019
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SimplyBankin | posted 03-01-2008 | Number of Votes: 40  |  Current Rating: 3.77   

I called a long time client to discuss her CD that was coming due in about 2 weeks. My bank offers a special program for our customers to where we can lock in their rate as of the day they receive their notice and they get the higher rate of that day or the day it matures. Pretty nice? I like to call several customers just as an added bonus to remind them of this and I've been calling her for about 2 years now when her CDs come due.

I knew our rates were going to drop so I made sure to watch her account and call as soon as the notice was sent out. When I called her she was very nice at first until I told her what our rates were. She then flipped out and said she could get higher at XYZ bank and she's sick of our bank and our "low rates"(we're extremely competitive) and she's withdrawing all of her money once it comes due. I spent half an hour on the phone with her apologizing and explaining I was just trying to do something nice for her.

She came in two weeks later after rates dropped again and renewed her CD for .50% less than what I was offering and a longer term and neither one of us mentioned the conversation we had 2 weeks earlier, even though I so wanted to say, well, if you would've been nicer to me and let me guarantee than for you instead of berating me for half an hour you'd be making more money.

If you're not a nice person, make sure you at least nice to two people, Your Banker and Your Waiter.

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