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Thursday October 29, 2020
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Xekk | posted 03-30-2008 | Number of Votes: 69  |  Current Rating: 4.68   

Now, I used to work for the military - 24 hour network tech support helpline. Often a user (who is in the Army, Air Force, etc.), will forget their password - no biggie, happens all the time - just go through the standard password reset. We spell out the password in callsigns, like Alpha, Bravo, Charlie so there's no misspelling of our randomly generated passwords.

me: "Okay, your password is now reset, have you got a pen?"
her:"Yup, go ahead."
me: "Okay, your password is: Bravo, Charlie, Lima ... ooh, I'm terrible at these things 'O', 'O' ... What's 'O'? ... Ah yes - Oscar!"
her:"Oh me too, Oscar, Oscar ... is that 'Q'?"
me: *headdesk*

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