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Monday September 28, 2020
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SubOne | posted 04-06-2008 | Number of Votes: 57  |  Current Rating: 4.47   

I worked for a major company that offered POS computer systems and the software that ran on them to most of the popular fast food restaurants. I walk in to get a burger all the time and see their logo on the registers almost all the time. Well my job was to take customer technical troubleshooting calls. Our customers of course being the managers of the fast food establishments that used our systems. This one lady said she had no video on her register and after later probing I found that all of their systems were down. I had her track down some cabling for me so i could confirm that they were in fact plugged into a viable power source when she says "It's kinda hard to see down here, the lights are off." As it turned out there was no power to the entire store and she not only didn't feel it was necessary to tell me this, but she also felt it quite necessary to lie to me several times about the lights on the devices. Unfortunately, I can only speculate as to whether they ever got the power back on, because it was our policy not to inform the customer to for example "call an electrician", so that we are not liable if they did not in fact need an electrician or something like that. In any case I proceeded to tell her "I'm sorry ma'am, but I reall cannot help you any further with this issue. Now I could send out one of our techs, but they will just tell you the same thing plus give you a bill. So if your situation is that you have no electricity ma'am, and I'm afraid you are going to have to decide who you might want to call to handle this situation." The poor girl was stumped.

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