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Sunday July 5, 2020
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mondster | posted 04-18-2008 | Number of Votes: 107  |  Current Rating: 4.61   

Used to work @ Kinko's. WOW, some doozies came in there. This one mom daughter pair (a la Jerry Springer) came in, the daughter was obviously pregnant. They brought in a picture of her baby's ultrasound and a picture of an actual baby from a magazine.
She: can you make this (ultrasound) look like this (professional baby shot)
me: what? you mean make a copy, sure, i can do that...
She: no, I mean, someone said we could get dat here. I want it to look like this (professional baby shot)
me: all our copiers can do is scan & print what you see here.
She: but I wanna know what my baby will look like.
me: [!@#$%@@^????] Um, no we can't do that.

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