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Monday October 22, 2018
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kaosweaver | posted 04-29-2008 | Number of Votes: 91  |  Current Rating: 4.45   

OK, back in the 90's I ran a computer shop. We were the first in the area of small stores to offer a three year warranty and one year on site. We did attempt to trouble shoot the issue over the phone. This is a call from a customer.

Client: My cd drive isn't working.
Us: OK, if it getting power?
Client: How would I know?
Us: Will the drive open if you press the button?
Client: yeah.
Us: Ok, Now, we need to reset the computer...
Client: Why? The computer WORKS.
Us: Yes, we know, we just need to see what happens when the machine starts.
Client: Ok
Us: When you see the starting windows, press F8
Client: Ok
Us: Now, select the step through the autoexec.bat file option, we are looking for error messages, so I want you to read to me anything that looks like an error.
Client: Ok, ummm.. himem loader?
Us: that is normal
Client:uh creative labs?
Us: that is ok too.
Client: words.... more words... um, windows started.
Us: well, ok, we'll send Bill out to look at it.
Client: ok, can he come now?
Us: yes, how do you get to your house.
Client: (directions given)
Bill (form cell phone): I don't see his house.
Us: (call client) - our service guy is lost, what is your address?
Client: Oh, wait, I said turn left, I meant turn right...
Us: thanks...
Bill: turn around, turn right on that street.
Bill returns.
Bill: when he said "words... more words..." - those words were ERROR - CDROM DRIVE NOT FOUND


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