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Friday December 14, 2018
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BrianK | posted 05-02-2008 | Number of Votes: 82  |  Current Rating: 2.10   

About three years ago I used to work at my areas largest garden store featuring the largest nursery and bulk sales. I was a cashier and yard specialist on all the products we sell. I was having an awful day and basically hated everything around me. Our store kept all of its bulk mulch products in three mountainous piles towards the left of our parking lot, in plain sight to everyone who drives within a quarter mile of it. That day our store received a total of 53 thousand dollars worth of bulk mulch, so these piles were HUGE (we sold by the scoop). So I am standing at my cash register when I see a very beautiful BMW sedan come pulling into our parking lot (I stare out that way when I am avoiding work). Customer walks up to me and asks the stupidist question ever - "Do you guys sell mulch here?"...

I took a moment to pause and digest this comment and cleverly respond.

"Nope, fresh out, you are going to have to come back next week."

Customer, "Than whats all that mulch in the parking lot for?"

Me, "Thats the mulch for customers who don't fail at life"

Customer steams over and leaves

I put in my two weeks five minutes after that conversation

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