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Tuesday December 11, 2018
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Sandy | posted 05-05-2008 | Number of Votes: 67  |  Current Rating: 2.09   

About three years ago, the large government entity I worked for decided to centralize all the departments. Two of my coworkers quit and were not replaced even though the merger did not take place for two years. This meant that I was the ONLY tech support person. I was responsible for 250 pc's, six servers, 12 sites located through a large county, all the networking cabling, routers, switches, software, printers & ordering. I lived out of the government car for six months.

One of the larger clinics had a room with three computers located on a long desk up against a wall. I received a frantic call from a person who could barely speak English. Her desktop would not turn on. There were no lights on the computer. I asked her if it was plugged in. She couldn't figure it out. I said that it was a black cable. She still couldn't figure it out and insisted that I come to this clinic immediately. I told her to find someone else and ask them to plug in the computer. If there was still a problem after that, she was to call me back.

I did not receive another call. And never did hear how the problem was fixed. I really didn't want to hear either.

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