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Wednesday November 13, 2019
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debo | posted 05-08-2008 | Number of Votes: 47  |  Current Rating: 4.06   

This is why people wear me out. I'm doing a shirt for a writers festival. The back of the shirt is basically a list of all the plays, and they send me a Word document of the lay out. I copy exactly what they have and how they have it. One of the plays is called Chimney's. And I spelled it like that the first time. Then they came back with corrections, like I am the one that messed it up. And say 'Chimmeny's is misspelled. I think, well you just spelled it wrong, but maybe it's a special spelling for the play. I compare mine to theirs for about 5 minutes, and send it back, I have exactly what they tell me. Then they came back with a few layout changes, I change it, send it back. Then I just got an email saying, Chimeny's is still misspelled.
I can't win!!

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