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Monday July 22, 2019
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LorenzoD | posted 06-10-2008 | Number of Votes: 81  |  Current Rating: 2.22   

In 2000, when ADSL connections weren't so diffused in Italy, I worked in the customer care of a TLC company, I helped people to configure their 56k dial up connections, mechanically repeating the same instructions about 40 times per day. But one day I faced a really weird customer. After about 15 minutes of telling him what to do to setup his remote connection, receiving positive feedbacks from him and finally assuming that he had the dial up icon on his desktop, I told:

Me: "So, now simply double click on the newly created icon on the desktop"
Customer: "Desktop?"
Me: "Ehm... Yes!"
Customer: "What kind of desktop?"
Me: "The desktop, the first thing that appears on your monitor after you boot your computer"
Customer: "Computer?"

A terrible doubt started to scare me...

Me: "Yes!"
Customer: "Do I have to use a computer to connect to the internet?"
Me: "Obviously! How do you expect to connect to the internet!?"
Customer: "A friend of mine told that I simply need a phone line!"

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