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Monday March 25, 2019
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Trish | posted 06-16-2008 | Number of Votes: 40  |  Current Rating: 4.16   

I work for the phone company talking to small business customers who call in for customer service.

customer: I have a ? about my bill, this month it's $70.

me: (waiting for "question")and....

cust: It's gone up $20 since last month, I spoke to someone last month and they were supposed to save me $5 a month.

Me: I'll be happy to help, let me take a look at that...oh I see what happened...the previous rep made and error and put promotion on that conflicted with your calling plan, I can fix this and adjust...

cust: (interrupting me) wait a minute, if they were going to save me $5 why did it go up $20.

me: as I said, it was an error with a promotion conflicting with calling plan which I can fix and give...

cust; (interrupting again and getting louder) wait a minute, if I was calling in for a discount why did it go up?

me: It was an error, done by a human, that happens sometimes but I can fix it.

cust: but wait a minute I wanted it go down.

me: sir please hold while I take care of this...(translation: customer time out). okay I have adjusted your bill down by the $20 and fixed the error. Your promotional rate plan is $X going forward.

cust: wait a minute. I just called in asking for a discount not a promotional rate. No one told me it was a promotional rate plan, I don't want a rate plan I just want a discount.

me: (aaarggghh) It's the same thing..promotion/ costs you less!

cust: but it says here it's a 12 mo term, I've been with you for years why can't you just give me a discount without the term.

me: that's the way promotions work, as with every other telecom company I know of. Better rate with term commitment.

this goes on for 10 more minutes, and I discover why there was conflicting promos and plans on account is that he spoke to one rep on May 1 for one plan and then spoke to someone else on May 15th and agreed to a different plan. Finally I say "I can just put everything back to the way it was before, just a plain line, no features and you pay for the local calls with no commitment. (this is within $2 of the promotional plan that gives unlimited calling and 6 other features.)

Customer: okay

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