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Friday January 15, 2021
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scoldog | posted 06-16-2008 | Number of Votes: 43  |  Current Rating: 4.35   

A salesman is currently on his way out to have a meeting with me. He just called up a second ago, when the following conversation took place.

Him: "I can't find your office. What is the address?
Me: "It's
Him: That can't be right. Can you check that again?
Me: !?!?

Turns out he put our address into his GPS unit which, for some reason, looks up the company name of the company that resides at the address you enter. Problem was, the company that was listed for our address was different from our company. Instead of ignoring the GPS name, he thought we were giving him the wrong address for our company (which is the only company on this site and has been for at six years since we moved in).

I never really understood how people will blindly follow GPS directions thinking the GPS is always correct. I guess that is how all those people have ended up on railway tracks and into the middle of fields and such.

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