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Wednesday October 16, 2019
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wordslave | posted 06-27-2008 | Number of Votes: 36  |  Current Rating: 3.19   

So, 2 years ago, the company server in the middle of the summer, basically because it was kept in an office which had NO air conditioning (this is in Europe). So, now, in the new office, it's impossible to run the air conditioning in the server "room" (it's a tiny tiny closet), and the 2 open spaces where we work at the same time, so keeping an eye on the temperature of the server, we have to alternate for the other offices, keeping only 2 of the 3 spaces air conditioned at a time. This morning, my boss's brilliant idea - "We'll just cool the server at night, so during the day we can cool the offices." I am not an IT person, and I tried to explain this to her, but to no avail. So now we'll wait an see when this server "dies."

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