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Friday November 16, 2018
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J.R. Muse | posted 07-09-2008 | Number of Votes: 62  |  Current Rating: 4.39   

And then there was the girl who was promoted in one leap from receptionist to the head of
Marketing and Communications. She was a team of one. When I arrived to build the company's web
site, she had been on the job for about a year. Her sole qualification for producing the company's
marketing collateral was a one-week Photoshop course.

Curious as to who I would be dealing with, I peeked at her files that were stored on the company

She had been working on a trade show booth graphic. And I goggled in shock at what I saw. It was
an eight foot by eight foot image created in Photoshop at a ridiculous 300 dpi with about 50
layers. The file size was a whopping 1100MB. And this was at a time when an 800 MHz PC was
considered top of the line. It must have taken her machine 20 minutes to save the even smallest
change to the damn thing.

On top of this, she had loaded the image with 12-point body copy, which would be pointless on an
image that was to be printed eight feet high, and would be viewed from ten feet away.

To make sure that I wasn't mistaken in assuming that this monstrosity was a sign of gross
incompetence, I created an exact duplicate of the booth graphic in Illustrator. It took me 45
minutes, and the file size was a mere 10 MB.

I sent a polite email to her pointing out that she might save herself and the company a lot of time
by creating her materials in Illustrator as often as possible. I didn't comment on the ridiculously
small text. She never replied, never acknowledged, and continued to create monstrous mediocrities
using the only tool she had ever been trained on.

To this day, I still refer to her as "Photoshop Girl."

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