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Sunday July 5, 2020
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Whizzy | posted 07-10-2008 | Number of Votes: 45  |  Current Rating: 2.10   

I am no computerwiz by any means (don't work in the field, just an enthousiast) but i can find my way around.
somehow my mates (and following that their mates)think i am the wiz with pc's and so they ask me every time they have a computer "problem"

One of those friends is a bit more dumb then the rest (to the point that i don't help him anymore)
My frien calls me frantic..he wants to watch a movie but his dvd won't play. after checking his sotware i notice he has no codecs for it whatsoever so i find him a freeware dvd player on the net, install it and of course the dvd plays...friend happy.
The same evening friend calls again, the dvdplayback is not working anymore so i go back to look for the problem only to see he has removed the dvd program. when i ask why he did that his response was : i don't know that program and AVG (the virusprogram i also installed for him) gave him a virus warning. since the only thing installed was the freeware player that must be the problem.
so i think "fook" and start searching for another player but the downloadspeed is way low. I ask him if that has happend before and his answer: only when i use emule

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