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Monday March 18, 2019
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Ken | posted 07-17-2008 | Number of Votes: 68  |  Current Rating: 4.69   

(This was back in the days when Windows 95 was still "shiny".)

"I can't print. Fix it!" (Yes, that was the extent of the problem report.)

Attempts to get further information (you know, things like "what happens when you try", "do you get an error message", and so on) were given the same "I can't print -- fix it" reply.

Now, this is a client over an hour away, and the person reporting the problem was one of the head honcho's there. (Can a woman be a "honcho"?)

Upon arrival at the site, she's "too busy" to demonstrate the problem -- "just fix it". Check things out. Printer's self-test button works fine. Check BIOS -- nothing strange there. Boot to DOS, "dir >prn" works fine. Etc. etc. etc.

Finally track her down and tell her I can't duplicate the problem and she *must* show me what's the problem if it's going to get fixed.

She boots to Windows, starts WordPerfect, loads a document, and then says "see, I can't click the 'print' button". (The mouse cursor wouldn't move. How she managed to do everything else without the mouse is beyond me. Sure, _we_ know how, but she's "technically challenged".)

Yes, "my mouse doesn't work" was reported as "I can't print".

It turns out one of the pins on the (serial) mouse was bent. Un-bend it, reconnect the mouse, and it's fixed. All of about 30 seconds of actual "repair". Total actual time for the job -- over 3 hours. (Fortunately, they were charged by the hour.)

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