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Monday October 22, 2018
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jasstrump | posted 07-17-2008 | Number of Votes: 46  |  Current Rating: 4.29   

I run a company that provides financial management services to small business owners (bookkeeping, budgeting, etc.). I met with a new client today in order to get her set up with my bookkeeper. My rate is nearly 4 times the bookkeeper's rate, but I have to have the initial meeting to know the client and to tell the bookkeeper how things are supposed to happen.

The client pays some of her household expenses using her business bank / credit cards, and needs to track them separately from her business. No brainer, and she understands why. I showed how she could set up her records to do exactly that.

Since this involved household expenses though, she brings her husband in to talk about how these payments fit into the overall family picture. Of course their conversation deteriorates with comments such as "if you had given this information to me two years ago" and "honey, I'm not trying to be critical of you, but...". Irritating, but it got worse.

When the meeting reached 1.5 hours, she began to freak out. I didn't do what _she_ wanted to do and the meeting was too long and therefore too expensive with my "huge" rate (which was still $50 less than her CPA charges, and he probably doesn't go to her office like I do).

After pointing out that I had to meet with her at the onset to understand her system, get the bookkeeper ready in advance of their first appointment, and that I provided her with the answer to her business vs. personal expenses, I made it clear that her "conversation" with her husband took a half hour alone.

A high maintenance client who complains that I'm taking too long when she spent 25% of the meeting arguing with her husband. Geez.

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