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Monday April 22, 2019
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Sexsi_Pepsi | posted 07-25-2008 | Number of Votes: 38  |  Current Rating: 2.33   

Ok... So I'm doing a favor for my friends mom by Hooking up her new computer and Installing the new Printer Drivers. So once I finish I test the printer to make sure everything is working correctly, and it is. I show her how to use it and everything. I make her print a test page and it works. The Next day, my friend tells me that her mom can't get the printer to print, so shes hiring a Tech Guy to come and fix it. So basically what the Tech Guy does is reinstall the printer for about $150. The day after that, she again, cannot get the computer to work, and to my great amusement, I found out it was because her printer has an auto-off feature, it will shut down if it is left on for so long. So this whole time her printer hasn't worked cause she was a dumbass and didn't even turn the printer on. Bravo mom... Bravo...

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