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Monday March 25, 2019
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Stupid Client Quote #6520

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Fucking Retard: "My website seems to be broken, the sections have been moved about, I don't know why."

Programmer: "It's because you moved them."

FR: "Well it's your fault, I want them moved back."

P: "I've emailed you instructions on how to do that, it's very simple with the system we've made for you."

FR: "No, you did it so you fix it."

P: "We've already ascertained that it was you who moved the sections about, therefore you did it, not us, can we move on from this please."

FR: "I don't have time to fix it."

P: "And neither do I, unfortunately you didn't want to pay us for support, if you'd like to take out a support contract with us, that's no problem."

Passed onto Boss. They took out a support contract...

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