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Tuesday September 25, 2018
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Valet | posted 07-26-2008 | Number of Votes: 121  |  Current Rating: 4.53   

I park cars for a summer job while I am not in college at a "high end mall" (meaning everything is incredibly over priced and poorly designed). With this job I often get to see how illiterate and ignorant people truly are. One Friday I was working and filled up all of our parking spaces, so I turned our sign around so it said "VALET FULL, GARAGE OPEN". Before I had even gotten back to my desk a car pulled of at a very fast speed and parked with the hood of her car centered and about 1 foot from the sign. I stood and watched her. She became increasingly aggravated that i wasn't walking over to take her car for her. Her solution for this was to slam the horn a few times. At this point i walked over and she rolled down her window and asked if we are full. I looked at her and looked at the sign and than back at her. After a moment of silence she burst at with a "WELL"? I pointed at the sign and she started at it and said "Oh I didn't see that". Next thing I no my co-worker comes on over the radio and tells me to take her. I walk over to the sign squeeze between it and her car and flip it around. It now read "COMPLIMENTARY VALET OPEN". She stares at it as i drop it in front of her car. I walk back and she asks "how much is it"? i reply "complimentary" pointing at the sign. Again she asks "How much". Again I reply complimentary. This aggravates her to the point of her screaming "what is the price for the @#$% valet parking" I calmly explained to her that the complementary means free and there is no charge for valet, but do to her aggressive behavior she will no longer be allowed service". She starts her car and curses at me and starts to drive away (almost hitting me), while running over our sign, which is built on springs to make it pop back up. This scrapes her car a good amount, which was a 2008 Bentley (roughly a 150,000$ car), and she manages to hit a curb ruining her rims. She immediately jumps out of the car a starts screaming at me that it was my fault she drove over the sign and hit a curb. The mall security comes over while laughing telling her she needs to leave. She refused and said yelled that she was calling her eterny. Security replies telling her they are calling the police. At this point she had notice one of our spaces opened and she swiftly returned to her car and parked in it. Security walked down and told her if her car is left it will be towed. She ignored them and walked inside. Upon her exit she was able to witness the truck driver away with her car, and a officer standing where it was. She began yelling at him, he stood and listened for a while and began to write her a ticket and eventually drove away. She spent the next half our sitting having people stare at her waiting for a taxi. It is hard to believe that this entire incident could have been avoided if she had just taken the time to read a sign rather than believe she can get whatever she wants whenever.

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