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Monday April 22, 2019
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Harry Barracuda | posted 07-27-2008 | Number of Votes: 283  |  Current Rating: 4.20   

When we first put in email, I was called to an "urgent" meeting with a department manager.

Him: "Do you mean anyone in my department can send a message to anyone else without me knowing about it?"
Me: "Yes" (Rolls eyes).
Him: "But I can't have that happening!"
Me: "That thing on your desk. Know what it is?".
Him: "Errr... a telephone".
Me: "Can they talk to other people without you listening?".
Him: "Yes" (Lightbulb over head slowly comes on to "dim" setting).
Me: And those things under the desk. With shoes on?".
Him: "Legs?".
Me: Yep. They can stroll over to another department and have a chat without telling you?".
Him: "Er... Yes". (Lightbulb approaches Toc H setting).
Me: "Can I go back and do some useful work now?".
Him: "Err..... " and I'm gone before he can finish his infinitely redundant sentence.

They do say shit floats to the top.

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