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Tuesday July 23, 2019
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summer work | posted 10-19-2008 | Number of Votes: 50  |  Current Rating: 3.12   

My second job this summer was delivering pizzas. Oh boy.

First week, I'm delivering to a house.

Me: "Ok, it'll be $xx"
Him: Why that much? That's too much.
Me: Sir, we tell you before we put the order in exactly how much it is going to cost.
Him: No you don't.
Me: Yes we do. Actually, I took your order. I know I told you.
Him: Well, your menu doesn't say anything about a delivery charge. So I'm not paying it.

He proceeds to give me less than the value for the actual food, giving himself his own discount.

Other random questions by customers:

"Are you busy?" It's a Friday night... at dinner time...
"Can I pay with credit card?" This is AFTER I have arrived at their house. No, I do not have a credit card machine on me. Sorry.
"Oh no, I don't have any cash. I guess I can't give you a tip since I paid with credit card." -There's a tip line on the receipt. But thanks anyways.
"Keep the change." It was 5 cents. Thanks, I really appreciate it.

After I have to ask where a house is- "You've been here before. You know where it is." No, I have not. Otherwise I wouldn't ask.

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