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Monday January 27, 2020
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cbmei | posted 10-20-2008 | Number of Votes: 37  |  Current Rating: 2.35   

(I was taking my PC to a repair shop. As it was mid-terms, I did not have time to repair it myself. Problem: black screen with one blinking underscore...and that's it.)

I went to college in Terre Haute, IN (yeah I know it is full of white trash and meth heads), and took it to a repair shop there. They told me initially that it was a bad power supply, then a few hours later they told me it also had a bad mother-board. I told them I needed the Comp. for school ASAP and told them to just give me a similar MoBo for my CPU. I received a call later that day stating that the MoBo I had selected (blaming me for selecting this particular MoBo when I had not) was an AMD compatible, whilst my CPU was Intel (clearly, I already knew this).

I could not understand that how, in the process of discovering that I had a bad MoBo (BULLSHIT), they FAILED to realize that I had an Intel CPU and Intel compatible MoBo???11???!/!? Unfortunately for them, they tried to blame the whole incident on me, considering that there must have been at least 10 ways for them to know that I had an Intel CPU and Intel compatible MoBo (Intel Inside sticker on the case, the markings on the Mobo itself and makeup, the CPU chip itself, the make of the MoBo, etc...).

I suppose I should have been more specific with the retards...
"Please ever so kindly give me a MoBo that is similar to my current so-called 'broken' MoBo, in that it is also Intel socket XXX compatible and actually works with my current CPU."

With no time left for this non-sense, I tell them to put in the AMD MoBo that they unwittingly ordered and also a compatible AMD CPU that I had to pay for. A few hundred dollars later, I was so frustrated and pissed off, I forgot to ask them what they did with my old CPU (besides steal it and stick it in one of their custom-built computers). Upon my picking up of the "fixed" computer at the repair shop, I discover that my repair "technician" looks like (and speaks like) Joe Dirt...
Subsequently, I have made all my own computer repairs since.

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