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Thursday May 28, 2020
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AndyK | posted 10-23-2008 | Number of Votes: 46  |  Current Rating: 4.68   

I worked for one company doing tech support and could not believe many of the things that went on in their financial situation. It seemed like anybody who passed Business 101 in college would have known better. The following is a typical scene I saw countless times.

Financial Manager (on our suppliers): "I can't believe company so-and-so is sending all these nasty letters and calling to demand their money! They should know that we don't have it and we're doing our best to stay afloat. I don't care if we're 120 days behind in paying, they better cut us some slack and keep shipping their product to us!"

Same Financial Manager (on our customers): "If some of our customers don't start paying up pretty soon, we'll have to get a collection agency on them or call the company's legal firm. Don't they realize we need the money to keep the business going?!"

Unsaid was the fact that she would lose her company car and very cushy paycheck (much more than she was worth) if the company went belly up.

I smelled a strong hint of irony and started updating my resume. ;^)

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