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Saturday December 5, 2020
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keyclicks | posted 12-15-2008 | Number of Votes: 37  |  Current Rating: 4.13   

After several torturous months, we finally managed to get the e-commerce site we'd been building for a local retailer; launched on the web. The site was demonstrated in front of the client's staff who listened patiently to him as he rallied them up into fever pitch in anticipation of the "onslaught" of orders that were about to ensue. The day after launch, the client gives me a call. "No orders yet! When can we expect some orders?" "As I've explained many time mister client, we need to run a campaign of search engine promotion, ideally coupled with some pay-per-click. Until that happens, your site won't get enough visitors who are willing to buy". "Oh!" Says the client and rings off. The next day, the client calls again. "Still no orders, this is two days now, what can we do about it?" I explain again about the PPC and SEO and the need to get traffic levels up. "But I thought getting into Google was free, so why aren't we on page 1 of Google? Our website has been launched. Can you not call the people at Google and ask them to put our site on the first page?" What can you say?

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