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Friday November 27, 2020
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Stupid Client Quote #6851

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that_guy | posted 01-09-2009 | Number of Votes: 32  |  Current Rating: 4.71   

Client: Can you make the enter button act like the tab button?

Me: So that when you hit enter it moves you to the next field?

Client: Yes

Me: Um, OK...

Client: (A week later) Can you make so when I hit the tab button it makes the calculations?

Me: Ummm, the enter button should do that...

Client: well we don't like it that way...

Me: Umm, OK...
Me: Did you want me to remap anything else on your keyboard? (why did I ask that? I do not know)

Client: You can do that?

Me: (banging head on desk)

Client: can you change the control key shortcuts to use the alt keys instead?

Me: Ummm...

Client: Oh yes and can you move the keypad (the 10 key), so that its like my laptop (press a key and have the letters function as the 10 key)

Me: I'll have to charge you for all those changes.

Client: I'll pay it if it'll work on all the programs we use

Me: Nope it'll only work on what we code for you

Client: Oh, how much will it cost for it to work on all computers?

Me: ... I'll have to talk to sales on any price modifications

Client: Please do.

In the end I didn't have to make any key remappings.... thank goodness!

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