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Wednesday November 13, 2019
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Phantakwing | posted 03-02-2009 | Number of Votes: 66  |  Current Rating: 4.68   

This is a case where the client was actually the smart one....

This is a conversation my mother had with the television satellite company we were using. This was shortly after my father passed away, the account with the satellite was in his name as the primary with my mothers name on the account.

mom: Hi I would like to change the primary name on account xxx
Customer Service (CS): I am sorry we need to speak with the primary on account to do that.
mom: that's not possible, he passed away a short while ago.
CS: well I would need to speak with him or you would have to send us a copy of the death certificate.
mom: ...why would you ask to speak with him after i just told you he is dead.
CS: its company policy to speak with the primary on the account for most information changes.
mom: ... can i at least change the billing information since the current bank account its set to has been closed and I don't want an interruption in service.
CS: yes we can do that.

A few years later after we want to close the account so we can change companies. I am pretty sure this is a different CS agent. BTW we never sent in the death certificate to them.

mom: I would like to close account xxx
CS: we need to speak to the primary on the account to do that.
mom: he passed away a few years ago, that's not possible.
CS: I am sorry, we need to speak with the primary.
mom: seriously? just cancel the account, the primary is dead.
CS: sorry, cant do it.
mom: if i stop paying, what will happen?
CS: we will cut off service and send you boxes to return the equipment to us.
mom: so you would cancel the account?
CS: yes.
mom: *head explode*

needless to say, we didn't pay the next months bill, and the boxes showed up a few days after that.

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